Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas musical...

This year, since we have given up taekwondo, the kids had time to participate in the church Christmas musical. Dylan was asked to play the part of a wise man and at first he declined but I could tell he really wanted to do it so I pressed him into it a bit. (He is at that age...not quite little boy but not quite teen where there is a fine line between cool and uncool.) The play is usually put on by the 3rd-6th graders but they asked Haley to play the part of "little child" so she had two quite long speaking parts and a solo (that just happened to be the same solo Newt sang when he was close to her age...they recycle plays every 6-7 years).

We attended practices every Monday and Wednesday night...not an easy task with our busy schedules but we managed. They kids learned it quickly...Haley knew everyone's parts after listening to the CD 2-3 times so was a great help to the director and other performers. LOL

I helped put together the costumes and trace/paint the scenery which ended up being more fun than I had anticipated.

Saturday morning they had a dress rehearsal and it was a little questionable as to how the play would go down because many of the children forgot their lines and many others were a bit wound up by the fun of costumes. But Sunday night they all did very well and the play went off without a hitch! Dylan sang and admitted he was glad he had done the play and that he'd really like to do it again next year. Haley took over the one small mic they had placed just for her rather than moving another up and down and she sang her little heart out in her most animated way which was absolutely adorable in her little angel costume. Her solo brought tears to many eyes. She has an amazing voice!

It was a fun night and I'm glad we were able to do it!

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