Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Consuming music...

Since the middle of October, Haley has learned about 20 new fiddle pieces (a few rather advanced). Some she learned at lessons, a couple at Next Gen Kids Sundays, and a few on her own. She taught herself about 20 Christmas songs and also finished up the last two songs in Suzuki Book 2, put on a Book 2 recital, and learned a little more than half of Book 3!

She is just consuming music at an amazing speed. All the while she has polished many of those songs in order to perform them at various Christmas concerts and performances. It is just amazing! I cannot believe how quickly she is moving at this point. Practice time during each day has been closer to 3 hours. She practices her Suzuki materials (scales/arpeggios, review pieces, and current pieces) for about 1-1.5 hours depending. She practices fiddle for about 45 min then practices with her brothers for performances for another 30-45 min. Even with all that practicing, she still picks up her violin to learn music on her own and/or sits at the piano and doodles for an hour at a time.

This weekend, while making cookies at Grammy's, she sat at the piano with music spread all around her picking out a two-handed version of Little Drummer Boy. The melody was rather easy once she figured out what key to start in and heard where the B flats needed to go with her ear and the left hand was rather repetitive but it was still impressive for a child who's never had a piano lesson.

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