Thursday, September 04, 2008

I think maybe things might be slowing down...or at least settling into a routine.

It has been almost a full month since I last blogged (is that a word in the dictionary yet?). In that time Haley and I attended the most wonderful Suzuki Institute at Ogontz in the mountains of northern New Hampshire. We spent what Haley termed "a baker's week" together (8 days instead of 7...if you don't get it, don't ask LOL).

To fully understand how much of a difference this camp made to my violinist, you would have to know that she was travelling through Suzuki Book 2 at the speed of light when summer began and lessons ended toward the end of June. While we were travelling, she practiced nearly everyday but as the time progressed she began to get bored with the same material and there were only a few days here and there when her heart was really in her playing. She didn't ask to play in the van very often while travelling and I could see that she was just losing the momentum she had attained.

Camp restored that momentum and awakened an even more mature love of playing in Haley. She had so much fun at camp. She made friends, hated to miss any programming at all even chose concerts over swimming, and began to really listen to herself play. When we returned home everyone could see the difference and her love of playing has returned. She plays in the car, practices with me, practices by herself (especially the ones she calls "the songs I don't know yet"), and is really looking forward to restarting lessons tomorrow.
On another note, Dylan has started practicing wrestling again. Newt's coach told him he was too young to sit and watch so has agreed to allow him to practice with the team. Dyl is excited, I don't know if it is because of the wrestling or the new shoes and headgear but time will tell.
School is back full swing and our activity schedule is set now. I will type in our learning plan soon.

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