Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Do you know how much I hate to move?

I don't hate the idea of moving or the excitement of change. I hate the actual process of doing it...the packing, cleaning, planning, wondering how to move certain objects.

Yes, we will be moving. I don't know when exactly. It all depends on when our home sells. It is going on the market in the next couple weeks so it could be quickly or could take forever. Who knows in this market? My parents have offered us their house because they are ready to downsize...Dad's retired, Mom will be next year, and they want to travel (lots of grandbabies across the country) and we need a home in a better school district because my boys want to go to high school.

I never expected this development in our lives. I mean, what a gift they are giving us....well, we are paying for the house but still. We were just beginning to house hunt and get ideas of what was available. My parent's house is the perfect option. I know how it was built and maintained, it has a pool and a bit of land, it's across the street from the school, and our family has spent time there making memories so it will make it easier to leave our home where my kids were raised. It will be strange to live there. I think of it as their house so will have to redecorate to make it more ours. But it will all work out eventually.

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