Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What a great week we are having!

Monday, fiddle was cancelled so we had the entire day with nowhere to go. We got so much accomplished with school, music practices, and around the house. It is amazing what a little free time will allow a person.

Tuesday, I awoke, not to a quiet house (the usual) or even to kids fighting (as often). I awoke to find two boys sitting quietly on the playroom floor giving each other their spelling lists and beginning their math!!!! (Note the tone of shock and surprise!!) Newt had gotten a hand-me-down bike from the neighbor down the street and they wanted to take a ride before it stormed but even with an alterior motive, it was a wonderful start to another great school day.

The kids were supposed to play at the coffeehouse in the afternoon but no one signed up but is a new venture for the music school so may take awhile to get going. So, I told them to just stick the kids on for next week and see if they get a better response. No need to move a drum set over there for just them.

Dylan did well with his tutoring today. He says the tutor makes it fun...a good response for him. Both boys had a good wrestling practice, Haley played with her little friend (a sister of another wrestler) and we got milkshakes on the ride home.

Now I am spoiled and ready for another great day!!

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