Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hectic Life

Life has been a little on the hectic side since returning from vacation a couple weeks ago. I have been getting lesson plans/outlines together for the upcoming year in science and history, cleaning up from our vacation, getting kids to activities, visiting with Aunt Stacy and the twin cousins, and packing for Haley's Suzuki Institute.

Haley and I leave tomorrow for a Suzuki Institute in New Hampshire. We are looking forward to a week together concentrating on violin and music in general. During our trip west, Haley practiced regularly but didn't have time to listen to her favorite tunes too often or play around whenever she wanted with her instrument. The past two weeks at home, she has practiced more and really loved playing whenever she wants. I am hoping the Institute will help recapture the momentum she had when lessons stopped for summer since lessons will restart a couple weeks after we get home.

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