Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wonderful teacher....

Haley's violin teacher is simply wonderful. I had sent her an email telling her about Haley's latest experiments on violin and asking if it was okay to let her go with it. She didn't email me back but when we got to lessons yesterday, she said, "Haley, I have a surprise for you."

She let Haley play her entire lesson in D (every song) and helped her to get the tunnels and quick movements that had eluded her when trying it on her own. Haley was so enthusiastic about her lesson and her teacher even told her she can play 3 songs in D for her concert in 2 weeks to "surprise everyone."

Her teacher said that she usually has her students go back and learn every song in D after Haley's next piece "Perpetual Motion" but that Haley was just switching the order on her own which was okay. She said as long as her technique is good, then let her play with it. "She is learning to play violin to play it. It would be like teaching her to read then telling her she can only read the same 5 books over and over."

I am so impressed with her teacher's ability to go with Haley's flow. Haley tends to try to play jokes and improvise a bit and her teacher lets her at certain times to keep her love of playing alive.

I didn't tell her teacher that once Haley learns to play more than one note per bow stroke, she may have all of Books 2-4 down. She does a pretty good job at playing those songs along with the CDs now but just can't figure out how to do the fast sections without moving her bow really quickly up and down. We'll save that one for another lesson in the very distant future.

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