Saturday, May 12, 2007

Summer schedule...

Yes, I am one of those mean moms who have their child do school all summer long. We do slow down a bit for the summer with fewer subjects and days (usually 3 days a week). Now that the weather is nice and we have finished their current math books, a year of spelling lessons, and history and science are winding down, it seems like a great time to begin a summer schedule.

Everyone will be starting their new math books.
Newt- Gelfand's Algebra (as a review/more thinking involved summer supplement to Algebra
1) one day week and Basic Geometry by Birkhoff and Beatley two-three days a week.
Dylan- Saxon 76 (started last week)
Haley- Saxon 1 (I am not sure about this one. She started it a year ago then I switched to
Singapore for more practice and more colorful pages because she was so young. We will
try starting where we left off before and work from there, maybe skipping a bit if the
review is too much.)

Writing assignment weekly with drafts and revisions before final drafts. Reading daily. Journals daily (every other day nature/writing journal). Vocabulary lessons to take the place of spelling for the summer. We will work on their spelling and grammar through their writing assignments.

We are finishing up with the Greeks and have the Romans to get through before fall. I like to include mythology with history as we go along so it takes awhile to get through some of these eras.

Finish up our unit on plant science. This has worked nicely with planting herbs and some vegetable plants in pots around the yard.

Languages: Spanish/Japanese

I am planning to teach Haley music reading this summer because she will have a few weeks without violin lessons due to our vacation and her teacher's vacation so I need to keep giving her something new to learn.

I think that's it.

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