Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Big Concert...

What a busy weekend we've had. Friday night Haley had her Fridays @4 concert at the retirement home then we went straight to an Celtic music concert featuring Kevin Burke on fiddle. The concert was wonderful. Kevin is amazing on the fiddle.

Saturday was dance in the morning for Haley then a taekwondo/Gumdo demonstration at a local fair for everyone. The kids did a great demo and had fun at the fair.

Today was Haley's big end of the year violin concert. She did a great job with her songs in D major (May Song, Long Long Ago, and Allegro). She loves to perform and it shows in her playing. Haley met her substitute summer teacher. She loved Robin's performance of Paganini. Haley says the devil in "Devil Went Down to Georgia" played better than Johnny because he sounded more like Paganini.

One of the students and her mother from Haley's old violin school was at the concert to watch. She was the mother who questioned Gerry repeatedly about Haley and what she was playing when she interviewed Gerry for her daughter to take lessons under. Gerry said it was very weird the way she seemed more interested in what Haley was doing than in her own daughter's lessons. They ended up not taking lessons with Gerry because her daughter didn't want to do the review to polish up her technique.

Newt took his hunter education course this morning. He did a great job. Poppop said he had his hand up for every question. Then he and Poppop went sporting clay shooting. Newt said it was his best day ever. He is still talking about all the fun he is having. Dylan went to work with Daddy today. He worked really hard and the best part for him was not having to go to the violin concert.
It has been a very busy weekend but in a good way. Next weekend is the holiday so we don't have anything at all to attend.

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