Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Showing off...

Today at violin lessons, Haley's teacher asked her which performance she liked best at the concert. She answered that she liked Maggie's performance Concerto in A minor by Vivaldi even though the poor girl erred a couple times (she had come into the concert late from a dance recital). It is one of Haley's favorite songs from Book 4. She started playing it for her teacher and her teacher told her that's what her daughter used to do. (Her daughter is a wonderfully accomplished player who has won numerous awards.)

Then she and her teacher were playing a duet of Allegro with her teacher playing it with added notes so it sounded very fancy. As soon as they were finished, Haley began to play exactly what her teacher had just played. Gerry just laughed at her and patted her on the head.

Not to be outdone, Dylan taught himself parts of a number of his favorite guitar pieces. I think Haley's skills are rubbing off on him which is nice because he sees her being praised and is practicing more himself so he can receive the same praise.

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