Saturday, May 05, 2007

Funny violin practice...

Today Haley was determined to play all of the songs she knows in the key of D instead of A. She got most of them on the first try. Others she worked at once or twice to get perfect. After she was finished, she was ready to do her "real" violin practice. She practiced almost 2 hours today counting her experimenting time.

It was lovely sitting out in the beautiful weather under a tree, watching her play. She gets so into her music some days and it is really wonderful. I love the way she experiments with her violin like this or playing ear tunes, or picking out the melody of pieces she has heard on a CD or at a concert, or playing a song like Lightly Row in doubles. She is so enthusiastic about learning to play.

She did tell me today that she preferred the songs in D because it sounded deeper. Maybe she will end up on viola, who knows.

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