Sunday, October 20, 2013

Unexpected performance...

Today, we attended a fundraising concert given by Mick M*loney and friends for an area Catholic school. Mick does concerts in Philly every year but we've always had prior engagements and been unable to attend. The planets aligned today so we were able to go. We planned to go to a session after the afternoon concert so we happened to have Haley's fiddle with us.

Good thing we did!

We didn't know it but a couple great musicians we know were Mick's "friends." They saw Haley come in and told Mick about her so he invited her to come up and play a couple sets with them. What a great concert! Stories, songs, and music including a bit of Bach and some other styles of folk music.

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Julia D said...

We were in attendance this afternoon listening and watching all of the amazing artists. It was quite the treat to see the violin accomplishments of such a young, talented musician. Congratulations Haley,