Sunday, October 06, 2013

Fall Garden

 Fall is my favorite time of the year. The weather has been great....warm days and cool nights with little rain unlike our "summer of the rain." I haven't posted any pictures of our girls lately. We lost two this summer. Both died in their nesting boxes so must have been egg laying problems. We have a couple molting right now as you can tell by the near naked Americauna on the lower left hand corner of the picture to the right and the feathers all over the ground.

Their laying is slowing down with the shorter days.

This is our Phoenix chicken, Cleo. She's my favorite. She's little and makes the sweetest little sound. She is broody a lot and I often find her in a nesting box with all the eggs tucked under her little body. If I call her, she'll come out to eat a treat with the others.

Ritch decided to try another planting of some produce in the garden. He planted some more zucchini, peas, lettuces, and beans. He also tried some beets, brussel sprouts, and sweet potatoes. There are a couple tomato plants and potato plants growing on their own.

The garden looks great...way fewer weeds in the fall than in the spring! Now if the first frost will hold off until about mid-November we'll be good!

Here are our very first sweet potatoes! We're going to allow the other plants a bit more time to grow but we wanted to see what was down there.

                                                     Here are some beets and brussels.

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