Thursday, October 31, 2013

Girls' Weekend in the City!

 Haley and I had a fun "girls' weekend."

We drove up with Haley's friends, Emily and Livia, for fiddle lessons for Haley and Livia.  We then drove into the Bronx to park before finding our way on buses and subways into Manhattan. We moms were pretty impressed with our skills navigating public transportation on our own for the first time. I was fairly sure of my navigating abilities except that part of the subway we needed to use was shut down for the weekend so there were free shuttles to take us to the subway where it was open.

We were to meet Haley's friend, Sofia, and her mom around 5:30pm so we had awhile to walk around, look in shops, and stop for some hot drinks and a nice snack.

Yummy treats at the bakery.
We met up with Sofia and her mom then made our way back through public transportation to the Bronx for a sleepover party at Sofia's grandmother's apartment. We picked up pizza on the way. The girls had a blast making jewelry and doing make-up together. They started with nice make-overs then got silly as the night wore on. Here are the results of silly!

We got up fairly early in the morning and after breakfast, headed back into the city for bike riding in Central Park. I had to include this photo I took at the entrance to the park because the birds looked like part of the artwork sitting on all the hands.

We originally planned for Sofia and Emily to ride a tandem and Haley and Livia to ride another but the tandems were too tall for Haley and Livia to ride safely so we moms took turns with a girl on one of the tandems while Sofia and Emily shared the other. We rode the entire way around the park...all 9 miles! The weather was cool and sunny but there had been a marathon earlier in the morning and in some parts of the park a lot of foot traffic (and bike traffic and surrey traffic) especially at the finish line of the race which was getting cleaned up as we rode past.

We drove home in mid afternoon and picked up Dylan and Daddy to head to an Irish house party. Good food and great people! Fun! Haley and the kids played a game of Twister then the music started. We didn't stay long because we were beat from the weekend but it was a nice ending to a fun weekend!

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