Monday, January 30, 2012

Really Busy Day...Part 2

We had another incredibly busy day on Saturday. It started with a Skype fiddle lesson with Brian at 9am. Afterward, Haley got showered and dressed while I gathered up all we would need for the rest of the day and put it in the car.

We left the house at 10:30am, stopped and picked up our body guard, Grammy, and headed to the city to make the PR*SM call time of noon. The orchestras went through their program in a rehearsal then did their concert for real. They did a great job!
Haley pre-concert
Orchestra performancs

Orchestra performance

After the concert, we grabbed a bite to eat at a fast food joint then drove to Milkboy Recording studio for Haley and Dylan to join the Next Gen kids in the recording of a tune set for a CD being made by Irish Philadelphia as a fundraising venture for the website. They practiced their sets and played other sets together while waiting for the engineers to set up the sound equipment around them. The kids played through their set twice then decided they liked the first take best so that was fast.

Warming up before recording

Next Gen girls

Recording...Dylan is back between those big wooden things.

I then took the kids back across the bridge to Sacred Heart Church for the Celtic Spring Fling, a concert to benefit Heart of Camden which provides affordable homes for people in Camden. The concert was wonderful and afterward there was hot cocoa and Irish soda bread.

While we were busy doing all of the above, Newt was bust wrestling all day and taking 1st in the TriCounty Tournament in his weight class. He also made his 52nd career win as a sophomore. Newt is having a great year so far. He has only been scored on once and that was a questionable takedown. Any other points he has given up this year were from letting kids escape so he can take them down again. The team has a few more matches the next couple weeks and then the post season starts.

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