Sunday, January 08, 2012

Pride January...

Yesterday we started the day watching Newt pin two opponents at his quad wrestling match. We had to leave before his 3rd match but the other team forfeited to him anyway so we didn't miss much. The team won all 3 matches and is now 3-1 which is a huge improvement over last year.

Haley and I had to leave to drive to NY then went with Brian and another of his students to CT to see a Pride of NY concert. They were amazing last night. The music was great and they were funny and entertaining. The crowd knew the music and "yipped" and clapped along. It was just a great concert.

The band asked Haley to join them on stage though Joanie told her she had to play her worst tunes and not play them her best so she didn't "show them up." LOL She and Haley messed with each other while Haley played which was pretty funny. After the concert, Haley joined them again to play ceili style (ie. fast) for dancers to dance a few sets. (That's what the picture above is though it's difficult to see Haley from where I was standing and I couldn't get in front to shoot a pic because the dancers were swirling around out there.)

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