Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Why one might want to get a violin from a luthier.

We have had quite a few "dramas" over the years with violins. There have been suddenly unravelling strings...of course that only happens the day before a big performance. There was the time we tried to change the strings ourselves and ended up with a strange buzz. Each time we drive to the city and he fixes whatever the problem sometimes even staying open a little late so we can get there.

We had the big "fall on the violin causing the bridge to break into two pieces" episode. Yes, Haley was climbing up and down on a chair to change CD songs then climbing down to play along with her fiddle at 10pm at night and when climbing up, slipped and fell on her violin. The bridge flew off in two different directions. My husband was the hero in that one using Gorilla glue to glue that tiny bridge while my daughter cried her eyes out because she might not get to practice the next morning as she looked at her violin and said, "She looks so ugly!" (insert howl here!)

This past weekend we had another equipment drama. Haley was just playing with the ceili band on Sunday and came over with the metal end of her bow in her hand. It has just popped off.

Now, I have to tell you that this bow has been trouble from day 1. During the winter when we first got it, I thought it was just the weather causing it to be difficult to tighten and loosen then I kept putting off getting it checked out and kind of got used to its idiosyncracies.

So, I popped the metal end back on and it seemed to be tight but on Monday it popped off again. Of course, I had to work late yesterday and then we are leaving early this morning for Hershey Park and the next morning for camp for 10 days so no way to get to the luthier. I just figured we would take it to camp, pray for the best, and take it in when we get home.

Haley had her violin lesson and her teacher suggested I call the luthier because a woman who works in his shop has a son who takes viola with Haley's teacher. The teacher thought this wonderful lady might be able to bring a bow home with her which I could pick up after hours. I called and drove to her house after work, traded bows, and now Haley has a working bow for camp!

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Karmeleon said...

I guess that for this, we have to be thankful where we live. Nothing is really all that far away. So music shops are never too far away. Have yet to visit a luthier, but a friend is an archetier, and between him and the man at the violin shop, they generally manage to fix things. Limitation is my time though, and my energy! And my state of mind in dealing with the traffic and parking situations!