Saturday, July 23, 2011

One of those days...

Did you ever have one of those days where you needed to plan everything perfectly for it all to fit and you knew if just one thing went a little off....?

Today was just such a day. Newt has been in Fargo, ND all week at a national wrestling competition with the NJ National Team. I had to pick him up at the airport today. His plane was supposed to be in at 11:58am. The airport is 1 hour 45 min away from our house but only 45 min from Haley's fiddle teacher in NY so I figured I'd pick Newt up then drive both kids the other 45 min. for Haley to take a lesson, saving me a 3 hour drive tomorrow.

Sounds good, eh!

So, the day starts off innocently enough. I get up, spend some time checking email, get Haley some breakfast, then go upstairs to get a shower. No sooner do I flip the light switch in the bathroom and I hear a loud POP! outside and the house electricity is off. (We have frequent transformer problems in hot, sunny weather....lost lots of refridgerator and freezer stuff last year in the 5 times we lost electric for whole days at a time.)

So, I manage to get a quick shower with the little water left in the water heater. I decide to take Dylan to Grammy's house where there will be air conditioning on all day (104 in the shade here today) and where he will not be tempted to open the fridge thereby hopefully saving our food.

I also needed to use her computer to check Newt's flight status. He was supposed to fly Fargo to Chicago landing at 7am then take off at 9am for Newark. I see that his flight is now delayed and will not be taking off until 10:45am. I decide to take Haley to NY for her lesson, cut the lesson to 1/2 hour then go pick up Newt after. Since we had spent quite a bit of time deciding what to do and checking flights, we make the 2.5 hour drive and arrive just in time for her 12:30pm lesson.

A quick call to Grammy tells me Newt's flight is further delayed and not due in Newark until 2:43pm so the lesson can be an hour. Haley takes her lesson which went very well then we hop back in the car to drive to Newark. Just as we are getting off the exit for the airport, Newt calls to tell me he's landed and waiting for his luggage. I drive around and wait at the terminal pick-up zone  for about 10 min. (at the most) before he comes out to us.

Someone had to be watching over our schedule today...there is no way I could have taken what seemed to be a mess and had it work out any better than that.

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Breezy Point Mom said...

I'll bet you handled that day more calmly than we did. We had a 3 hour power outage this week, too, due to tree work in our area. Also, our a/c stopped working. Thankfully, my husband is as flexible as you.