Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hershey Park

 On Wednesday, July 6th, the Towheads performed at Hershey Park with their dancer, Francesca. Overall it was a great day! There were a few things that might have gone was really hot, the park people were late getting them on stage to play (try holding back a group of 6 kids when there are rides all around them), they didn't have a sign or the kids on a schedule telling people who they were or when they were playing, and did I mention, it was really HOT!

Initially the kids were to play on a larger stage that was covered  but that stage was set back and did not get much traffic so they moved the kids to this open stage right in the main lots of foot traffic but the stage was not covered and was broken up into small stage levels so our dancer had to do most of her best moves on the ground in front of the stage.

The kids played very well. The sound system was pretty good and they drew a steady crowd. Luckily they only had to play for about 30 min. otherwise they would have melted like chocolate bars in the sun. After they played we rode the rides and went to the water park. We hadn't been to Hershey Park before as a family so it was a fun day overall.
The Towheads and friends!

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