Saturday, July 30, 2011


Dylan has been asking to play football for the past couple years. Since the boys homeschooled we always seemed to miss signups or had too much other stuff going on to do football practice every night.

This year, we finally found out when sign-ups started and our schedule, except for things like trips to Ireland, will allow someone to be able to take Dylan to practice at night. So, we signed him up and practice started on Monday night.

It was hot...really hot and they worked the boys hard. Dylan was sore for a couple days but he did everything expected of him at practice. I am really proud of all his hard work even in the incredible heat.

He likes it.

I'm not sure what he likes about it. He doesn't know all that much about the game though he is asking questions and finding out what he needs to know. I think the thing he likes best, what he talks most about, is the uniform. Even I have to admit, he does look pretty tough in all those pads. He does need to work on his "mean face" though. Ha!

We spent 2 hours standing in the hot sun last night, sweating and waiting for the boys to get their uniforms. I didn't mind so much because I saw how careful the men were being about making sure everyone had a proper fit. I understand the importance of that. Wrestling uniforms are a whole lot easier to give out..."here's a singlet, see ya!"

I'm not sure how football is going to fit into our otherwise very busy schedule. We will be doing a lot of divide-and-conquer this fall. I do not think Haley will be doing both orchestras so our Saturdays will be free to watch Dylan's games. We will find a way to make it all work.

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