Friday, May 27, 2011

Taylor guitars

 When the owner of the music store where Dylan has been taking guitar lessons for the past 5 years and where we purchased his Taylor guitar heard Dylan qualified to compete in the All Ireland on his Taylor, he asked Dylan and the rest of the Towheads to make an appearance at his other store for a Taylor guitar event.

You can't tell from this photo but Dylan is extremely excited to be there. The kids opened the show...with Dylan turned up a little louder than usual to showcase his talents then also played again at the intermission/petting zoo time.

The event was very informative. The dealer talked about the different guitar body styles and tone woods used and another man demonstrated on each guitar the differences body style and tone wood makes. He also had a guitar cut open so the inside could be seen and talked about the electronic components.
At the end of the demonstrations and lectures, they did a drawing. Everyone's name went into a hat...for us that was 7 people with our family and Grammy and Poppop there. Some people hadn't made it through the two hour demonstration so that meant everyone left received a prize.

Since none of the rest of us play guitar, Dylan came home with a T-shirt, 3 sets of guitar strings,  a couple packages of picks, and some Taylor guitar stickers. He was one happy boy!

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