Friday, May 27, 2011

Cape May Music Festival 2011

Last night Grammy, Poppop, Haley and I attended the first evening of the 2011 Cape May Music Festival in the beautiful shore town of Cape May. It is my favorite place shore town and we used to camp there every year before we began making yearly treks to Ireland. Haley's first fiddle teacher and her husband (McDermitt's H*ndy) opened the concert with some songs and tunes then the featured act Pride of N*w Y*rk, a group consisting of All Ireland winners Joannie Madden, Billy McComisky, Brendan Dolan, and Haley's fiddle teacher, Brian Conway took the stage.

Each member of the group is an amazing musician in their own right but putting them all together is magic. I was so happy to see the church packed full of people there to see them. They were gracious enough to allow Haley to come up on stage with them for some tunes. (She has this bad habit of stealing the show with her cuteness.) She played a couple reels on her own then Brian surprised her by adding a few more and joining her. I love the parts of the tunes they play together with their bows moving in stereo.

At the end of her tunes, Haley received a standing ovation right in the middle of the concert.

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