Sunday, May 15, 2011

Recent events...

 We've had lots going on the past week so I thought I'd do a little photo montage to summarize. Haley's Temple Prep orchestra had its Spring festival last Saturday. It was held in a beautiful church in the city near R*ttenhouse Square. The kids played wonderfully. I am always amazed at what they are able to accomplish working one hour a week for 3 months. So the first couple pictures are the before the concert pics.

Haley and Dylan
Haley and Tinks
Temple Classic Strings

Haley with her conductor...the nicest man ever!

Since we were right there at R*ittenhouse Square for the concert, the kids decided they'd like to do a little busking. They have been working to raise money for their trip to Ireland and it seemed like the perfect spot. They drew a nice crowd and did very well. The little children were adorable. There were some who went right up to their instruments looking like they were trying to figure out how they worked, others danced, and some didn't want to leave when their parents were ready.

She looks like she is more interested in the tip jar but I just missed her standing inches from Dylan's guitar fascinated with him playing.
Playing for the dancers

Last Sunday, the kids played down in Atl*ntic City at Trinity Pub. What a neat pub and great food! They played a couple 45 min. sets, ate some lunch in between, and had a lot of fun. Their new friend, Francesca came and danced for them. I know, Dylan doesn't look like he's having "a lot of fun." I think he has to have his serious face on to play as good as he does.

Haley fiddling

Francesca dancing

Newt at the beat box

Yesterday, the kids were the musical entertainment for V*neland's Founders Day celebration. The morning was very overcast but the rain held off until after the kids' set though they did play in a bit of drizzle with Mommy and Daddy holding umbrellas to protect their instruments while the May Pole dance was done.

Getting ready to dance around the May Pole.

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