Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A concert, a lesson, American Girls, and a session...

AG luncheon
 Haley and I had a wonderful girly weekend while the boys were divided and conquered (ha, ha) amongst Poppop and Daddy doing boys things like wrestling tournaments and crabbing.

I had driven Haley up to the NJ Folk Arts Festival to join the Next Gen kids in their performances. We were planning to drive back to Philly for the last Temple orchestra rehearsal before continuing on with our weekend but she wasn't feeling her best by early afternoon (she has been getting headaches now and then sometimes with an upset stomach...maybe a migraine but they seem to go away with Advil but just in case...so as not to expose other kids to anything so close to the concert we skipped rehearsal) so instead we drove straight up to New York, our next planned stop.

Busking musicians
We had planned an overnight with Haley's fiddle teacher so she could have an early morning lesson then we could meet her friend, Sofia, for a trip into the city to visit the American Girl store. Her fiddle teacher had a concert scheduled for Saturday night with his group Pr*de of New York so we went to the concert with him. They allowed Haley on the stage during the 2nd half of the concert to do a set on her own then a set with her teacher. She received a standing ovation from the crowd. I always think adults must be a bit brave to allow a child on stage with them. I told her teacher he could at least take credit for her skills unlike the other band members who do it because they are just really nice and like to see the tradition living on in the next generation.

Haley took an early lesson in the morning then we met Sofia, her mom, and baby sister to take the subway into the city. It was an absolutely perfect day, weather wise, and we had a wonderful time. The girls rode their scooters around the city rather than walk so they didn't get tired from all the walking. They did their American Girl shopping (actually had a personal shopping assistant check them out while we sat on cushy couches), had lunch in the cafe, then we walked near Central Park where the girls busked for a few minutes before we headed back to the subway.

After the NYC trip, Haley and I headed back to her teacher's Irish session so she could play for a bit before we headed home.

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