Thursday, October 02, 2008

A big day for my fiddler/violinist...

Yesterday morning, Haley and I went to the city to purchase her new violin. Her teacher agreed with her choice but wanted us to get a better quality bow so that is what we did. Haley loves the sound of her new instrument!

Last evening was a Kevin Burke and Cal Scott concert. Haley woke up so excited because of it yesterday morning and she went to bed last night as happy and content as if it had been Christmas. She had the time of her life!!!

Kevin and Cal were there when we walked in and their faces lit up when the saw Haley. She went over, said, "Hi." and gave them pictures she had drawn yesterday (a fiddle for Kevin and a guitar for Cal). They had the chairs arranged in a semicircle around the performers so Haley picked the very front center seat. My parents and I sat behind her. The entire time they played, she was noticing Kevin's finger shape, bow arm, moving her feet in rhythm, and turning to smile to me and mouth "This one's my favorite." Toward the end of the first set, they played Lighthouse Keeper's Waltz. Kevin dedicated it "to Haley" and Cal mentioned "It is performed beautifully on youtube by another artist" while smiling at her.

When I took her to the bathroom during the break, she was beaming, "I hoped they would dedicate it to me and they did!!!" We bought a couple CDs and got them autographed. She talked to them both discussing this and that. Told Cal she had learned his song "Paris Nights." He said, "Pretty soon you'll know my whole repertoire!"

I told him she plays along to the CD whenever we're in the car. Two older men were standing nearby and one asked if she played fiddle. The other said, "She sure does and if you are lucky you'll get to hear her after the concert. She played after the last one."

They played the second set which included a lovely waltz Cal had written for his grandmother...Haley was singing it all the way home and played the first bit when we got home.

Anyway, after the concert, we got up to leave and say bye to Kathy. She said to Haley, "Why don't you ask Kevin to play a few tunes with you?" She was a little shy so Kathy went to him and asked. He immediately took his fiddle out of the case and said, "Why, sure!!"

They played together for a good 20 minutes. Cal joined in halfway through the first song and played with them. They played quite a few tunes including The Lighthouse Keeper's Waltz, Paris Nights, and the ones she had learned off the Patrick Street CD (Kevin's old band) plus a few others.

There were quite a few people still hanging around while they played...about 15-18. I could hear them all behind us asking Kathy how old she was and other questions.While they were playing Paris Nights, which Kathy didn't know she knew, I heard her saying "Wow, I've never heard her play that one before." After they played the Patrick Street songs, Kevin told her she must play those for John Carty...his fellow fiddler on the CD who will be here October 23. He told her to tell him that she learned it from Kevin (he learned it from John) and to tell him he (John) plays it wrong.

When they were finished playing my parents and I were talking to Cal...he loves Haley. My mom told him that they had made her night and last time she went around for weeks telling everyone she got to play with them. He turned to Haley and told her "After we played together last time, I told all my family and friends that I got to play with Haley and they all watched us and thought that was really neat."

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