Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Playing at the festival...

Every year our church hosts a Fall Festival for the community in which they have music, food, bouncy slide, games, petting zoo, pony rides, massages, face painting, etc... all free for the public.
This year they asked the kids to perform. They kids learned a number of songs together (20 minutes of Celtic tunes) and practiced nearly every night for a month to get it all together. It was hard to tell how they would sound in the basement because the drums were always too loud for the guitar and the fiddle. So, I was a bit anxious about the big day.
I shouldn't have been. They played beautifully together. Haley's new, big violin sounded great. There was a really nice sound system and the guy working it did a great job of mixing them so they sounded even better. They drew a large crowd and got a lot of applause.
Haley stood up there and announced the songs even making little jokes when her song list blew away in the breeze. She was so at home in front of the crowd. It always seems like the bigger the crowd, the better she plays. She moved around and smiled while playing. She was really having a grand time!
Newt did a great job modulating his drum sound so, unless Haley moved out from under the upper mic, she was easy to hear. He also made up the drum beats to go along with the songs...something he is getting good at.
Dylan was wonderful as well. He had the most material to learn, about 6 songs from youtube videos I sent to him in throughout the first couple weeks of the month. He learned quickly and did an excellant job playing.
I am so proud of my kids!!

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