Friday, October 24, 2008

Beginning to read...

Though Haley has been playing violin for 3 years, she just began to show interest in learning to read music. We began a very simple music reading program ( a few weeks ago. We had started it a few times in the past but she was not ready and quickly lost interest. Knowing how she started reading books on her own as soon as she was interested, I never pushed it. I don't think she found a need to read music that she can learn so easily by ear. This start was different, she learned it more quickly and asked to do it frequently.

She has learned all the notes on her A and E strings already and she has written out Twinkle on her own. Yesterday, I found a little violin book that had a song with piano accompaniment and the notes were all in 1st position on the A and E strings so I copied it for her and set it on her music stand while I played from the book. We played out first duet together with her reading the music!

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