Friday, February 01, 2008


Monday at fiddle lessons, Haley and her teacher worked on The Lighthouse Keeper's Waltz- the song she figured out from listening to the Kevin Burke CD. Then they worked for a short time on The Fairy King, another song Haley has been trying to learn on her own. She had figured out all the A part but the B part is very long and takes a lot of turns so though she has all the pieces of it, has not yet put them all in order. The teacher was not aware of the version she was listening to so asked that I email her a copy.

K. then showed her a new tune and afterward they practiced a couple old of which was The Mountain Road. K. had shown Haley how to do the cross bowing on one bow stroke, not thinking she would figure it out but just to give her options. For the past few weeks it has been the only way Haley wants to play that section so she has worked on it a lot. She played the cross bowings very cleanly for K. then had to go to the bathroom, her usual way to slow a lesson when there has been a lot of playing.

When she left, K. said to me, "She amazes we every lesson. I can't believe she managed that. None of my students, even the adults get that. She really has a gift."

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