Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Concerts, concerts everywhere....

Sunday afternoon, Haley had a fiddle concert with her Next Generation Kids group at the local Children's Museum from 1-2pm. While that was going on, her Suzuki teacher's recital was starting at 1:30pm in a church the next town over. Miss G, thankfully, put us 3rd to last in her concert to give us time to make the mad rush from one to the other.

The Next Generation Kids concert consisted of kids and a couple adults playing fiddle, harp, and tin whistle. They played a number of tunes, all the fiddle tunes Haley knew and she even knew the ones the tin whistles soloed on. I think only one teenager knew more tunes than Haley. Haley played almost the entire hour. She was sitting in a small chair but is so little her feet couldn't reach the floor so she tapped them in the air and occassionally leaned forward so she could hit the floor. She played a little duet on one tune with a harpist.

Since we had to rush out immediately after the show, I grabbed Haley up, gave her to Grammy to take to the potty, then put her violin away while Daddy went to get the car. Miss K. said the next day at lessons that Haley was the star of the show. She said that hundreds of people came up to her after we had left asking, "Who was that little girl." She also said that Haley was a great inspiration to the teenagers who don't put as much effort into their music as they should. "Now they will have to work harder so a 5yo doesn't show them up again"...was the way she put it.

Haley was in the local paper's online article as well....

We made it to the Suzuki concert with only 2 songs to go before Haley's turn. I was worried that she would be too tired and rushed to play her best but she walked her little self up onto that stage and played a beautiful Minuet 2 and 3. She even remembered to gesture to the accompanist so he could bow after the songs were finished.

She was so proud of herself afterward, dancing around Olive Garden, saying how well she thought she played. I was so proud of her as well. I don't know that I could have kept that many songs straight and remembered all those technical points for each one and played for an hour then rushed 10 minutes to play another 2 songs.

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