Friday, January 25, 2008

Can there possibly be too much violin practice?

Every since Haley received her new larger violin, she has been anxious to practice. This has been a good thing because in two days she has a fiddle concert where she knows 21 pieces they are playing and a violin concert where she will play 2 pieces plus she is perfecting the last 2 pieces in Book 1 and will soon have her own Book 1 concert. But I digress....

Wednesday night I went in the bathroom while she is brushing her teeth and she says, "Mom, I am thinking about my bowhold."

I, without looking at her, reply, "What are you thinking about your bowhold?"

She says, as I turn to look at her, "I am thinking that this is a wonderful bowhold I have on my toothbrush and I can brush my teeth like I am playing Minuet 2." And there she is holding her toothbrush like a bow and brushing her teeth moving only her elbow.

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