Thursday, February 28, 2008

Amazing opportunities...

Monday, at fiddle class, Haley showed her teacher the new songs she had figured out on her own. She went from the first one she showed her the week before right into the next and shocked her a bit. They worked on another song with a lot of crossbowing which Haley has mastered doing on one bow stroke with a nice clean sound, most of the time. I watched her teacher smile and shake her head in amazement as she did it.

After that song, she teacher mentioned that Kevin Burke would be in the area end of next month and his day off happens to be a Monday so she is going to have him come to Haley's lesson and play with her. Haley was soooo happy she could barely finish her lesson and only did so with the biggest smile on her face occassionally looking over to me to mouth "Kevin Burke."

Haley's fiddle teacher and her husband are playing Celtic music at a local library tomorrow and asked if we wanted to come listen. When Haley said she would, her teacher told her to bring her fiddle along and she would have her play a song or two with them.

Haley's Suzuki Book 1 graduation concert is scheduled for a little more than 2 weeks away. Her Suzuki teacher said she was ready "yesterday" but vacations and wrestling have impeded the scheduling of it.

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