Saturday, March 01, 2008

Fiddling at the Library...

Last night Haley and I attended a Celtic music session put on by her fiddle teacher and husband. Kathy and Dennis are a group called McDermitt's Handy and they play numerous instruments and also sing Celtic tunes. They played at the benefit last night for a local library and Kathy had invited Haley to attend and "bring her fiddle."

Before the show, they discussed a couple tunes for Haley to play fiddle on while Kathy played harp and Dennis played tin whistle. She played Mrs. Crowley's Polka and Maggie in the Woods at the beginning of their second set as a guest musician. When Kathy introduced her she told everyone her name and her age then mentioned that Haley has the "best ear of any musician I have ever taught."

After the program and elderly woman approached us and asked me Haley's last name which I gave her and she said she would remember that name. She expressed her amazement at Haley's playing then said something to the effect of most people in attendance there not having any idea what they had just seen (pointing to Haley) and everything that was involved in it.

Kathy also informed us that she spoke with Kevin Burke about playing with Haley and he would be happy to. Dennis said it was because he showed him Haley's picture on his cell phone where he had taped her during one of the Next Generation Kids sessions.

Oh, yeah...I almost forgot. There was a Chinese auction and I usually don't get involved in them because I never win anything but Haley was enthralled with all the pretty packages and the bags so I bought $3 worth of tickets and she and I took a few and placed them in the bags of our choice. Before the drawing, I said to Kathy that I never win those things and probably the only thing we would win would be the "men's watch." Wouldn't you know that Haley won it!!! I didn't even know she had put a ticket in that bag. I know I hadn't because there were a couple other items I had my eye on instead. It was pretty funny!!

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