Monday, March 03, 2008

More opportunities to play...

Today, Haley's fiddle teacher invited her to play with Next Generation Kids' advanced players for the NJ Folk Festival. My little 5yo is considered an advanced player. How weird is that? She also told us that she had started playing one of the songs Haley taught to herself at her session this week and many people asked her where she had gotten that song and she told them, "from my 5 year old student."

Haley officially started Book 2 today. Gerry said she has the technique for Book 3 already so Book 2 should go very fast. Part of Book 2 with Miss Gerry is learning scales and arpeggios and learning music reading skills. Haley met her first difficulty today with music...saying all the notes before she plays them in a scale. She played all the scales and the variations Gerry gave her without a problem but has a hard time with the note names. Gerry told us to take it one scale at a time as she had given us 3 to learn last week and it ended up just confusing Haley and frustrating her plus we had so much other practicing to get to that we didn't do it as much as I would've liked. We'll get it this week though.

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