Monday, February 11, 2008

Improptu Concert...

Today, I had to take Haley with me to a meeting for work prior to fiddle lessons. It was a bitterly cold day so I took the violin into the building with us. After the meeting, which ended early, one of my coworkers asked if she would play them a song. She agreed and played her Cincinnati Hornpipe. Afterwards, the director of the program where the meeting was held, asked if she would like to play for one of their preschool classes. Haley, of course, said, "Yes."

The teachers had the kids all sit in a circle so she could play for them. She played Britches Full of Stitches then the kids (3-5yos) asked her some questions and she played Bill Sullivan's Polka. It was so cute to see how interested they were in her playing.

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