Saturday, November 10, 2007

Scottish-Irish Festival

This weekend we took an overnight trip to the Poconos in PA for an Irish music festival. We drove up on Friday afternoon, checked into the hotel, then found an Irish Pub called Seamsa's in Stroudsburg. It was a really cool old building, like walking into a movie set. We had a table on the second floor right next to a window and outside it started snowing. Haley heard the Irish fiddle music and started dancing next to the table while waiting for the meal. We ordered authenic Irish food like Corned Beef and Cabbage and Guiness Beef Stew. The food was delicious and I learned that though I hated boiled cabbage as a child, it is actually pretty good. After dinner we went back to the hotel and the kids swam in the pool for awhile then we went to bed.

Saturday, we went to Bushkill PA for the festival. There were many vendors selling Irish and Scottish wares and music and dancers. We listened to a band called Needfire (a Celtic rock band) from Dallas, watched a pipe band with bagpipes and drums, Ceili dancers, and another family band from Canada. Both bands had a fiddler and Haley loved them enough to ask for CDs of both. The boys really liked Needfire.

The band from Canada was playing acoustically in a smaller room with a dancefloor in front of them. They said anyone could come dance to their music and Haley was the only one to take them up on it. She danced for the entire 45 minutes they played and people watching were watching her as much as the band, taking her picture, and videotaping her. Even the photographer for the festival took her picture. People afterward commented on her energy and lack of self consciousness. (She bowed after each song.) She got that CD autographed by the whole band.

The boys had fun walking around in their kilts. They talked to an elderly gentleman about his kilt and the other pieces of his attire. They even got to fence with reel fencing equipment which was right up their alley.

On the way home, Haley started getting antsy and about 10 minutes from home, asked how much longer. I said, "About 10 minutes." She asked how many she would have to count to so I told her "to 60-10 times." She then proceeded to count the entire 10 minutes.

When we got home tonight, Haley googled the Celtic rock band and found their website completely on their own and added it to her favorites. She is such a funny kid.

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