Friday, November 16, 2007

Oops! She did it again...

I just don't know about this little girl of mine. Once a month she has a Fridays at Four concert at a retirement home with her Suzuki instructor and her students.

The week before every concert, her teacher picks something for her to play that she didn't play quite so well at her lessons. (actually she rarely plays her best for her Suzuki teacher- the room's too distracting or lessons are just not at a great time or whatever, so, usually what she plays not so well, she is playing pretty well at home during practice). This week it was the doubles on Etude. She has been playing Etude since before she was supposed to but for the past two weeks had been playing it by pressing too hard on her strings, which are beginning to sound false anyway (I am hoping she will outgrow the violin before I have to get it restrung), making a really scratchy sound. Try as I might I could not get her to let up on the pressure. Maybe trying to play it so fast made her play too hard or whatever.

So, for her concert, Miss Gerry decided that she should play Mississippi Mississippi Twinkle (twinkles doubled), Perpetual Motion doubles and Etude doubles. This was a bit stressful for me because she has always disliked Perpetual Motion so hates to practice it- therefore it doesn't get the time it should in the replaying of songs. Plus, I only had 2 days to get her ready for her concert (lessons were on Tuesday).

I took out the MIDI accompaniment I have for Suzuki where I can slow the piano down a bit and let her practice all the songs with it. She played each piece at least 5-6 times a day. Sometimes it was smooth and beautiful, other times is was scratchy or she forgot parts or played too fast. I felt a little stressed again going to the concert but didn't let it show to her. We talked about what she needed to think about (pre-planning works wonders for this child). She likes to tell me what she needs to do rather than me telling her.

So the little imp gets up there and plays through all of those pieces sounding just like the recordings on her CD, smooth with beautiful intonation and finishes with a flourish of her bow and a bow to the audience. It amazes me how she excels under pressure. I think I am always so worried because I know that I would not do well under pressure unless everything was polished and perfected and even then might mess it up due to stress.

Miss Gerry was pleased as well and told the audience that next month she would be playing the Minuets. (I think she forgot that next month is Christmas so they'll be doing carols but it was nice to hear Haley did so well.)

I really need to learn to trust my tiny wonder. I have to remember that she is Haley, not me.

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