Monday, November 12, 2007

Busy Day but I am proud of all three kids....

Today was very busy for us. Haley had her first Play-In with Next Generation Kids in Philadelphia. It is a group of 7-17 year olds (flutists, fiddlists, and harpists) who get together for two hours once a month to learn new fiddle tunes then play together the songs they know. Haley was able to play over half of the songs with the group. She had a really good time and did very well. One father, a musician by trade, pointed out that she has a wonderful ear and good sense of rhythem.

Here are some pictures...(hint- she's the teeny one)..

Dylan took his Hunter's Education Course and got a 99% on the test. He is very excited to go out hunting with Poppop, Daddy, and Newt for Youth Hunting Day on Saturday.

Newt had wrestling practice and there were a couple new faces practicing with the team. He had a great practice and during live wrestling hit a few really good moves. I can't wait until he starts tournaments this year.

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