Monday, October 29, 2007

The Perfect Storm...

Today at fiddle lessons, Haley "surprised" her teacher by having figured out the second half of her new song. I am beginning to wonder why she always seems so surprised since this has been the "status quo" since she started lessons but then, to me, it is status quo. To her, it may be rare with her other students.

Her teacher played a new hornpipe for her tape and Haley danced while she played then picked up her own violin and started to play the first line or so. Her teacher looked confused then asked, "Did we do this one already?"

I shook my head "no." We started talking about Kevin Burke whose CD was recently nominated for a Grammy award, a rare honor for a Celtic fiddler. Haley then said something like, "I am going to learn all of Kevin Burke's songs."

To which Kathy answered, "Haley, I imagine you will be able to play anything you want to play in a few years. You are have the Perfect Storm for a violin/fiddle player...a wonderful ear, great rhythm, and great tone."

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