Sunday, October 07, 2007

Reading in her head (copied from a group post)...

On Friday, Haley sat on my bed in an airconditioned room (no central air and it is way to warm to be October)reading. She finished 5 chapters of Heidi "in her head" (her words) then came in to tell her Daddy and I all about each chapter, almost word for word in a way only a child with a memory like hers can retell a story. It is the first time she has ever read to herself silently.

I have always read to her and she has always read aloud to me or to herself. I liked to hear what she was doing to know if she was having any difficulty or if she was really reading the words because another favorite game of hers is to make up her own stories while flipping through a book (generally her stories end up better than the printed version). So I never suggested to her that reading silently was an option. She has now figured it out and though I am a little amazed at exactly how much she read on the first try, I am a little sad that I won't be hearing her little voice reading every book anymore.

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