Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's all in her head!!

Haley's fiddle teacher has finally realized that if she wants to actually "teach" her a song, she can't let her listen to it first. Either that or she wanted to see if I go home and pound the songs into her head so she knows them the next week at lessons.

Teacher played first section of the song and Haley played it back. She went on line by line until Haley had the entire first half of the song, stopping only for a couple minutes to show her how to perform a "roll" on a note which it took her about 3 tries to get.

When the lesson was over her teacher was so amazed at how quickly she learned the song that she kept saying over and over "great" and "that was really good." She looked at me and said something like, "She does really learn the songs by herself quickly."

That night as we lay in bed going to sleep, I asked her how she knows all those songs (I get them all confused). Haley told me that all her other songs were in her head but the new one wasn't "in (her) head yet."

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