Monday, June 11, 2007

Wonderful big brother...

Dylan did the sweetest thing today. He made some money this weekend helping his dad do a job. We had to run a few errands today to get ready for our trip next week. While we were in Walmart checking out, Dylan whispered that he wanted to get Haley something for her birthday. I told him Haley and I would wait for him at the entrance and he could go ahead and get her what he wanted. He and Newt went and found her a Brats Magic Hair doll that she has been asking for and they had the cashier pack it in 3 bags so Haley couldn't see. Then he decided he wanted to give it to her early so she could play with it on her trip.

She was so excited and hugged him up. She told the boys, "I am so lucky to have you two for my big brothers."

It was just one of those moments that make you think you must be doing something right as a parent.

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