Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Last night...

Yesterday morning, Haley really wanted to play with Lily rather than practice her violin. She went through about 45 minutes of practice then I told her we could finish later in the afternoon. So, I sent Lily home around dinner time and while dinner cooked Haley finished her practice. After practicing, I put in the Book 4 CD and she tried a few of those songs. She then asked for Book 3 and listened to that while trying to play what she could figure out. Then she wanted Book 2 and she did the same with that.

During the Institute, Mr. Durbin had made up a story to go with Hunter's Chorus from Book 2 so Haley really was trying to figure out how to play it but getting frustrated at herself for not knowing it. I took Newt to wrestling after dinner and she must have been working on it while I was gone because, by the time I got home she had the first part figured out.

We are now in our summer schedule for school and doing work only 3 days a week. I bought a different Geometry program for Newt because neither of us liked the one we were using. The new program is Jacob's and it is more highschool textbook-like so Newt is really enjoying it. He says he loves geometry because he can see where he will need to use it later in life and because he thinks it will help his pool game.

Haley decided that she can do her math by herself now and keeps telling me she needs harder math like the boys. I skipped another 20 lessons and restarted her there. She doesn't have her addition and subtraction facts down cold but I notice her doing many of them without counting now so I think taking a bit more time on it has been good for her. She learned to tell time in one lesson and is doing great with counting money (right now just dimes and pennies). I guess I need to order the workbook part of Saxon 2 for her soon. I think she will be ready for it in another month or two. I had been planning on not doing Spelling Power with her until January but I think we may start it in September so we can use it as her phonics program as well. She doesn't really need an entire phonics workbook because she seems to know it intuitively just from reading a lot. It is so hard to know where to go with her because whenever I think I know what to do, she makes a huge jump and what I bought is no longer useful.

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