Sunday, June 10, 2007

Busy week...

This week Haley figured out that even numbers and counting by 2's from 0 are the same thing and she proceeded to count by 2's to 100.

Friday the kids stayed with Poppop while Mommy and Daddy worked. They had a blast. They went to the park, went swimming, watched Moby Dick, and swam some more. Who is that man and what has he done with my father? He is so much fun now that he is a Poppop and even more fun and more relaxed now that he is retired.

Yesterday Haley went to a birthday party at a Pump It Up- a place full of blow up bouncey equipment. Chloe went as well so the two of them were attached and holding hands throughout the entire party. The people working there thought they were sisters because Chloe is head and shoulders taller than Haley. They were so cute racing each other through the obstacle course about 10 times with the attendent yelling "Ready, Set, Go!" and squealing as they flung themselves down the huge slides. One adult woman asked, "I wonder why they squeal like that?" She went down the slide a few minutes later and covered her mouth, embarassed when the squeal emerged from her own lips.
When we got home yesterday, I let the boys ride their bike 2 blocks together to the neighborhood store to get themselves an icecream. They are getting older and I feel like I need to give them some responsibility, a little bit at a time. They went with my cell phone so I could call them if I got nervous. (I really wanted to call them but I kept myself from doing it though I did have Haley practicing violin outside the whole time so I could see them coming round the block.) They were very responsible and even brought back an icecream for Haley which was nice.

Today was Haley's dance recital. She did a great job! She is the tiniest child in the school. Poppop laughed when watching the video of her dress rehearsal. The girls all kneel at the end and Haley stood up first and even standing, she was still shorter than the girls kneeling next to her. She got a medal for perfect attendance and while the teacher was reading the names of the students and the other girls were standing still and embarassed on stage, my ham stood dancing around holding up her medal for all to see with the hugest smile on her face, nodding her head like "yes, I got a medal. See it. Yep it's mine!". After the program we could barely get out of there with all the old people stopping her to tell her how wonderful she did and that she was the "star of the show." I added a couple pictures from dress rehearsal because we weren't allowed to take pictures at the recital.
After dinner, Haley practiced violin for awhile, outside, it is beautiful today. She played through all her "real" songs then started playing her "Britches Full of Stitches Polka." She has it down pretty well and I wanted her to keep playing so I started dancing around her like a Celtic dancer and she kept playing and dancing and laughing. It was fun! (though the neighbors must think we are really strange).

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