Sunday, June 03, 2007

Copying Beethoven...

Last night as we sat watching the movie "Copying Beethoven," Haley suddenly got up all excited and said, "She's writing notes. I want to write notes, too."

First she started with a blank piece of paper and tried to draw her own staff with a ruler but she didn't like how it looked so I asked Dylan to copy her some blank staff paper from his guitar book. She said she wanted to write Twinkle so I got out her music book and she sat and slowly copied the first line of Twinkle onto her staff paper.

She said she wanted to copy her whole book so that when her cousin, Kendall, was old enough she could play violin from it. Today she sat and copied a bit more. I don't know if she will make it through the entire Book1 but even so, she has figured a way for herself to learn music reading in a quicker way than I had been teaching it to her.

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Stacy said...

Kendall is lucky to have such a thoughtful cousin!!!