Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rehearsal Fun...

Yesterday, I took Haley and Dylan into Philly to Fergie's Pub to rehearse with Alex and Keegan for a gig they are doing together in March. The melody players (seated in the photo to the left) needed to work out some tune sets for the finale section of the show.

Fergie is really nice to allow us to take over the upstairs of the pub in the afternoon before the weekly Saturday session (4-7pm for anyone interested in some great Irish music) for rehearsals whenever we show up. It is a midway point for all of us and then there is the session to stay for which is always a lot of fun.

The kids were much more efficient this year than last year when they needed only two tunes for the trio competition at the Fleadh and it took a whole couple hours. This year, they came up with five sets they can play in an hour. Ah, maturity.  Dylan didn't have much to do as evidenced by the empty seat with Alex's feet on it but he went along for the food afterward.

The pub was crazy last night because people were participating in a "pub crawl" but a little more than halfway into the session it cleared out and we could finally hear the music.

One funny little story.... My husband who arrived home while we were at the pub, texted me asking what we'd had for dinner. Since our refrigerators were both full of leftovers, I sent back "whatever u can find." A little while later he sends back, "The clam, crayfish, frog, fetal pig gumbo was delicious." Ha! Haley started doing dissections with another homeschooling family on Friday and the creatures we have left are sitting in our outside fridge. That may be a text exchange only homeschooling parents would have.

Fergies session.

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