Saturday, November 02, 2013


Haley has been studying cells for the first part of Biology this year. To finish off the unit, she created an edible cell model. She likes to cook and she likes to create so it was a perfect project for her. She decided on a plant cell. (It kinda looks like a monster face if you picture it just right.) Her licorice endoplasmic reticulum was not cooperating (neither the rough or the smooth) but otherwise, she was able to figure it all out.

We had one of our rare "stay at home" days today. Daddy finished up a project on the floors. Haley and I cleaned the basement and put away Halloween decorations in between practice chunks. Dylan had a football game and Newt did homework then went to see some college wrestle-offs.


Jenny said...

I love this idea! Is it okay to pin it on Pinterest?

ptmom said...

Sure, pin away!