Monday, November 11, 2013

Murray Grove

A couple years ago, the kids were asked to perform at Murray Grove, a retreat center about 90 minutes from our home that hosts group retreats of all kinds and summer camps for kids. This past summer they were asked back to perform for the kids attending the summer camp and they did a nice interactive performance for the campers where they taught them a little about Irish music and answered questions about themselves.

Murray Grove also hosts a Coffee House once a month so they asked the kids back for a third performance. We had to schedule around football games and the beginning of wrestling season so a Sunday afternoon seemed like a good choice. It turned out to be a lovely afternoon. The had a great turnout of local music lovers who enjoyed the kids' music. Haley and the boys played two 40 min. sets and in between there was an intermission and a "question/answer" session so the audience could get to know them better.

Haley and Dylan did a couple songs they had been working on and they also performed a tune Haley wrote recently along with some new tune sets they worked up the last few weeks. They were even broadcast live on an internet radio station ( to over 110 countries while they played.

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