Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Swannanoa Gathering 2013

Wow! It's been awhile since I posted. We've been busy. We just had one of our favorite weeks of the year (for the past five years) at the Swannanoa Gathering in North Carolina. This year Ritch and Newt drove down with us so they could visit his sister and family while Haley, Dylan, and I went to camp.  We broke up the drive down by stopping to see our new grandnephew, James, and having lunch with his parents. What an adorable little guy!

We arrived at Kim's house around 4pm. They were having similar weather to what we've had....lots and lots of rain. Newt, whose main goal in life is to fish and wrestle claimed he would catch enough fish from their pond to do a fish fry the next day. He woke early (I heard him walking around about 6am) and got in the boat as soon as someone unlocked the garage for him to get his pole. Uncle James joined him and between the two of them and a couple fish from Dylan and Thomas, they caught enough to feed 12 people with quite a bit left over.

Newt showing me his catch so far.

Can't hardly see it but Thomas' dog, Pepper, is swimming out to get in the boat.

Uncle James teaching Newt how to clean the fish.

Haley and her cousin, Meredith. They spent the day doing hair and make-up.
We had to get up early in the morning to be at Swannanoa. I was lucky enough to get a volunteer job which helped pay for Dylan's tuition so I had to help with checking in students. My kids love everything about camp. We have been going for five years and see many of the same people plus make some new friends each year. Many of the people have watched my kids grow up over the years. 

This year Haley took an Advanced Scottish Fiddle class with Brian McNeill which she absolutely loved. She came out of class the first day and said she was going to take it again next year. She also signed up for an Irish Fiddle class with Liz Carroll. It was an intermediate class but she really wanted to learn some tunes from Liz. She and her friend Mackenzie ended up asking Liz to record tunes for them each day then went into another room or outside to learn them together...plus taught each other some of their own tunes. 

Dylan took a guitar class with Eamon O'Leary and another with John Doyle plus a banjo class with Eamon. He learned some new tunes and a new tuning for his guitar from John so he was very happy.

Our evenings were spent listening to concerts with the great instructors performing, going to dances (or the kids helping play for them), and ended with the kids playing sessions until the wee hours.

Late night session with Brian Conway, John Whelan, Rose Flanagan, et. al.

Really, Mom. Quit using that flash!

Haley helping the ceili band.

Dylan dancing. (Had to capture that moment.)

Haley receiving her scholarship certificate.

Dylan playing guitar for the ceili band.

Haley and Dylan (that is his nose on the left under the bow) playing tunes with Kevin Crawford and Cillian Vallely with Martin Hayes listening in.

The last day of classes...Haley's Scottish fiddling class doing a drive by fiddling.

The last night of camp is the Student Showcase. Haley and Dylan performed a few times. I will post some video soon.

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