Monday, July 01, 2013

"Music Brings People Together."

A couple weeks ago at Haley's fiddle teacher's home, someone ascribed that quote to the late, great Irish piano player Felix Dolan and we all agreed as we stood around looking at each other. None of us would know the other if it weren't for the music. I was thinking about that quote again this weekend as we spent Saturday evening with a large group of musicians at a "stealth wedding" and Sunday evening at an Irish session. I think about all the wonderful people who have become such a large part of our lives because of the music.

A couple weeks ago we were invited to a party at our friends', Marion and Gabe's, home. They often host get togethers with good food and great music until all hours of the night so we looked forward to going. Early last week I received a call from Marion asking if we could keep a secret. Their little get together was not simply to celebrate her graduation (she just received her PhD) and Gabe's new baby (a baby grand piano, that is)...they were going to surprise everyone and tie the knot at the party and wanted to know if Haley would provide the music for their wedding!

Saturday night we arrived a bit early. They were still preparing the bouquets and hair rings so Haley got to make her own. We helped hide everything just as the first unsuspecting guest arrived. The party began with lots of music....Gabe on his new piano with fiddling by Haley and Paraic then Jeremy joined in, whistle provided by Paddy, singing, piano playing by a talented young pianist, and a bit of dancing from Josh. (As an just have to check out the video of Josh and his dance group on America's Got Talent. They are awesome!!!! Actually this video is even better because it shows the best parts of the dance...the parts America's Got Talent edited out.)

Eventually they got everyone into the living room to watch Josh dance to Haley's fiddling.

Josh getting ready to dance.

Then, as had been worked out prior, Gabe asked Haley to play the slow air she had played to qualify for the All Ireland. (It was their way to explain Haley playing without Gabe accompanying on piano.) When she finished, the asked for an encore and Haley started playing an O'Carolan tune so Marion could make a quick change into her wedding gown. When she got the signal, Haley switched to Planxty Fanny Power and the bridesmaids and bridesman began walking down the make-shift aisle. It was about then the "audience" of fellow party goers began to figure out what was happening...or began to think they were doing a rendition of Midsummer's Night Dream.

Haley playing the wedding party down the aisle.
The wedding was beautiful! The vows brought tears to my eyes. The surprise was wonderful!

The Wedding Party.

The evening continued with more music and I sat around thinking what an amazing life my child gets to lead. One filled with wonderful music and friends!

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