Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Recording Gig....

My daughter was hired today to go into a recording studio to set down violin tracks onto a song....a song she'd never heard before this afternoon. The man running the show would give her an idea of what he wanted, let her listen to the part of the track and play around with it, then tell her to take the basic melody and "run with it." According to Clay, Haley, "spoke the language." She understood exactly what he meant when he said things to her like where to start, which note to change, how to add more feeling or make something fancier and she took direction really well. She came up with some amazing sounding stuff to go along with the song with melody lines, harmony, and rifts. Sometimes Clay had an exact idea of what he wanted, sometimes he let her play around and come up with something herself, and other times she played something he hadn't thought of before and he liked it and kept it.

It was a really neat experience and something she'd never done before. I guess we can now add the pop music genre to her list.

Haley and Paraic working hard in the studio...a lot of time in the studio is spent waiting.

Rock Star Haley.

Learning the basic melody line.

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